How, and To Whom, Do I Report Poor Phone Support?

Just went through an alarm support call w/a guy that insisted he was tier 2, my Apple was to blame, and to call them, and that a PC can’t allow ring device management, only a smart device app can.

Here I sit looking at that capability on my PC, and I’ve confirmed on one of iPhones’s that while the Ring app isn’t auto-updating, all other apps are/do.

I don’t mind when somebody doesn’t know that they are talking about, but I do mind when they won’t get help or pass me to somebody that does know. Ergo this is a coaching moment for said tech. How do I report same?


There’s no point. The support reps don’t last long in their positions.

Hi @dfish. After your support call, you should have received a follow up email about the call. You can reply directly to that email to share your feedback. Also, you might have received a survey in your email, which goes directly to the agents supervisor. Sometimes these emails can end up in a junk or spam folder, so be sure to check there.

If you’d like me to look into your concern, post some details about it here and I’ll see what I can find out. Thanks, neighbor.