How about a PTZ PoE security cam?

We absolutely love the Stick Up Cam Elite wired PoE cameras!!! BUT, would love a pan, tilt, zoom power over Ethernet EVEN MORE! All the PTZ cameras out there have useless apps. Willing to pay $400 for one of these that utilize Ring’s great software. Please consider making Ring PTZ POE to add to your line up! Thanks

@Sabina Cost. Most people wouldn’t pay that and it would only work on mains powered devices. It would be a very niche product, even more so than the elite line and Ring is primarily a consumer/residential market company. Plenty of PTZ options from other vendors but these are all IP/NVR based.

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Yes but other companies are compatible with ring alarm.

That’s why NVR/DVR options suck. Have you shopped for one? Even worse, have you tried their mobile apps? They are terrible! What makes Ring great is their excellent app and product in a seamless, easy to use solution.

The average person, for a residential application, like me, is way over their head dealing with PTZ cameras and all the necessary hardware, like nvr, hard drives and injectors, and crappy software. Everything needs to be put together separately. Sure, you can buy your nighthawk, or amcrest system from Best Buy or homedepot, but none of them have PTZ cameras - they’re all stationary bullets.

But Ring DOES have a pan/tilt accessory for battery power cameras. Why not for the Elite???

Really? Which PTZ camera works with Ring software?