Horrible (useless?) Night Vision

I live in the mountains and I regularly see people near me posting wonderfully clear night images of wildlife (bears, mountain lions, etc.) on NextDoor, facebook, etc. The other night I had a bear walk right through the camera’s sweet spot and all my battery operated outdoor night camera captured was blurry pixelated shadows which were unrecognizable as a bear (we found the bear laying near the camera in the morning).

I measured 156Mbps download and 164Mbps upload internet speed standing right below the camera location using SpeetTest on my phone so my internet connection is not the problem (Device Health on the Ring app shows RSSI - 56).

I’m wondering if poor night vision is specific to battery operated outdoor Ring cams, or if I might have a defective camera (i.e. could the infrared light source be bad?).

It may be that they are using Trail Cameras which are specifically designed to take pictures of wildlife (day and night).
Ring is more for identifying movement is a person or not.

Thanks for replying…

Perhaps, but the video posted of the mountain lion doesn’t look like a game camera (video attached). I also attached the video captured by my Ring cam of the bear to my original posting for comparison.

Note, I added the video captured by my Ring camera of the bear in my original posting…

mitchellch -

Unfortunately, I an UNABLE to answer your questions.

I can tell you, however, that in my experience, using WIRED security cameras works better for capturing video clips of birds/animals than battery-operated security cameras and/or trail cameras. In my neighborhood, however, one would not expect to encounter large (non-human) animals such as bears.

Various factors can negatively impact night time video clip quality, including such things as:

  • WiFi issues
  • Cellular issues (if being viewed over a cellular connection)
  • Whether the camera is wired (and/or battery-operated)
  • The level (and types) of ambient light
  • The cleanliness/condition of the camera lens
  • Individual app settings
  • The camera resolution
  • The color of the animal
  • The size/speed of the animal
  • Temperature and/or humidity
  • Whether the security device itself is defective

It would be helpful if you post any discoveries about the source of your problems (and the best solution).

Unfortunately I only have a cordless camera. I’d rather not have to buy another (wired) camera until I know it will meet my requirements. Maybe Ring cameras just weren’t made for what I want to do (i.e. monitor large areas, rather than just porches).

I’ve ordered a separate infrared light source to see if that helps. I’ll post my results with an external infrared source.

Hi @mitchellch. Have you tried moving the camera or tilting if down? You’ll have to adjust your Motion Settings to accommodate for this, but adjust the angle could allow for the infrared lights to be more focused at what you’re trying to capture in a recording. Let me know if this suggestion helps! Also, OMG that Mountain Lion!

If this is ring camera flood light pro, it has a more focused night vision for a small area, if you wish for a larger area you need to use the flood light plus,
It has a more generalized area for night vision scattered over a larger perimeter.
If this is a area that is not a concern with theft, I would suggest wyze V3, it’s night vision is impeccable, but it is not a very sturdy camera and is vulnerable to theft, the ring camera on the other hand is a more durable and robust camera that is less vulnerable to theft and more reliable
For security purposes, with more settings and options.
(Not certain if mentioning the other brand is acceptable but I cannot lie about something such as this)