Homey smart home integration

Homey is one of few, if not the only smart home controller that supports virtually all standards and protocols.

The Ring app available for Homey seems to be built by a private individual and is very limited in its actions.

I want to buy the Ring floodlight cameras, but as it is right now, both Arlo and Netatmo has better support for Homey home automation.

Would it be possible to develop support for Homey?

This would truly be amazing! The private app is good, but we really need support for the alarm system, so we can turn our alarm on and off with our smart home automation :slight_smile:

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Homey has nothing to do with a Ring integration, its up to Ring to make an integration for Homey.

I use Homey to automate my home. So I turn on camera recording for some cameras automatically as soon I go to bed. Will be useful to have the motion light setting enabled in the same way. The timer schedule helps, but is too static.

Hello! Please add integration with Homey, a big brand in home automation. People could control all sorts of smart devices depending on Ring’s inputs. For instance:

If Ring notices movement, turn on Philips Hue light in hallway.


Definitely +1. Official Homey Integration is missing and that’s bad that I can’t integrate homey with my smart home system.

Hi! I’m reaching out to you guys to see if you can’t consider to start to work with the Homey Athom crew, there were an app before that worked with homey (early 2019) but it stopped and is only available to homey pro now. The reason why I want ring to work with my homey is that I had a flow with my ring video doorbells that when you pushed the button I got a bell :bellhop_bell: sound on all my sonos speakers on both first and second floor and if my phone was muted I was able to hear if someone was at the door and then check on my phone in the ring app who’s there. Best wishes / Simon

As more and more people look into home automation, integration with products like Homey is becomming increasingly important. Personally I am happy with my Ring products, but not that I am creating a Homey centric setup the lack of support may lead me to look elsewhere. So I hope others will support this request, as I would love to be able to use the products together.

The old Ring app available for Homey seems to be built by a private individual and is very limited in its actions.

Further more thsi APP dont work on New Homey Pro.

I have a lot of Ring produts and I miss very much the integration from Ring to Homey as Nest and other cameras are able to.

Homey can integrate to all other products in Home integrations and are very useful as Smart home integration. Homey is very good to integrate and make flows between smart home products.

This is a major problem that Ring not is integrated to Homey and thorugh this all other products.

Please consider develop support for Homey

Hi, It would be great if we made an official app for homey Pro 2023 so that it could detect movement in homey Pro 2023 immediately when it detects that a person is coming, just like when it starts recording in the ring app on Android.

Or do you have another suggestion to make it work?
Kind regards, Kim at dk smart home on YouTube

Also a plus1 from me.
I would love to see a Ring protect App in Homey Pro that allows to read the status from alarm-sensors while they also are connected to my ring alarm-base station at the same time.

+1 for homey integration


I looking to move my smart home automation to something more powerful as my wife is not a tech person I need to program the house to do things on its own. Want the lights, camera, sensor and alarm to be in homey so I can make if this happens do that with my ring devices