Homekit request

WHEN IS HOMEKIT COMING TO RING DEVICES??? We’ve been patiently waiting since May…!!!


Since May? That’s nothing. I have been waiting for nearly THREE YEARS! That was the ONLY reason why I purchased this miserable product.


Yes, please make compatible with Apple HomeKit


I now own 4 Ring products. I’m using the Apple eco system and would love to see Ring products added to the Apple HomeKit framework. I still can’t believe we’ve been waiting for over 3 years.


I see this thread has not been responded to by anyone from Ring. I to am waiting for HomeKit support. Does Ring not even monitor their own community messages???


Ring does monitor these forums. But they probably have some type of gag order regarding certain topics…

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Ring has been promising for years to integrate HomeKit into its video doorbell pro the first excuse was that apples HomeKit required security chips which I did but now that Apple has made that security part of their product in HomeKit software encryption there’s no excuse ring not to integrate it other than the fact that they were bought out by Amazon and Amazon doesn’t want Apple to compete with them on their own product. I wouldn’t hold my breath for HomeKit integration ever I’m sure Alexa will get first pick even though Ring keeps promising that they’ll do HomeKit and have been for the last four years


If you have some basic DIY skills then try out a Raspberry PI with the Homebridge skill. Homebridge brings together various products that are not directly supported by Homekit. Ring, Smartthings and MyQ work fine with Homebridge and I can see all of them and control them from the Home app on your i Device.

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@nsaldanh wrote:

If you have some basic DIY skills then try out a Raspberry PI with the Homebridge skill. Homebridge brings together various products that are not directly supported by Homekit. Ring, Smartthings and MyQ work fine with Homebridge and I can see all of them and control them from the Home app on your i Device.

Let’s remind anyone looking into it that Homebridge requires your Ring Username/Password added to a plain text file…

Not sure what you are referring to. I installed Homebridge over the weekend. It asks for a Refresh Token that you get when you enter your Ring ID, Password and 2FA code when you set up the Homebridge-Ring integration. All that’s in the Homebridge configuration file is a very long token string.

If it stored your Ring ID and Password I would not link them.

You are downloading code compiled by someone else. In order to make this to work, you either need to add the username/password to the config.json (or use some ui to do it for you).

For 2 factor, you need to run another utility to generate the refresh token (ie a one time password that can be used by anyone) and this is added in plain text to the config.json file.

This is posted in the ring 2FA module:

“Note: Your refreshToken is just as valuable as an email/password so treat it with the same care you would a password. It can also be used for accounts that do not have 2fa enabled if you don’t want your email/password in plain text in a config file.”

Bottom line, someone gets into your computer or compiled the code with a backdoor, you are giving the keys out…

All true statements and I agree with you, and I have thought long and hard about what I’m doing. I have taken care to protect it as well as limit what can be sent out. And for obvious reasons I won’t list them. :slight_smile:

I wish Ring would provide this capability, but I’ve been told that they expect us to use Alexa’s Routines for Home automation. So while Alexa routines do provide some of the functionality they don’t provide complex if conditions, etc.

So it comes down to me deciding whether I want to run with the basic Ring setup or start to use other complimentary tools WHILE ensuring that I am keeping my system safe and sheltered from someone looking to cause mischief.

Home Assistant is more secure as it keeps everything on your local devices, but it has limited options to integrate with various other home systems.

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Honestly, Ring is garbage! We have been promised for years HomKit integration and still nothing. They do not care about the Apple ecosystem or their users and the app sucks! It takes forever to load once you get a notification and by the time it does load, the subject is gone. This is why I have not purchased another Ring product. Until they get their act together and play nice with Apple, it may be my last! And then the doorbell I have my get used for target practice!


I won’t disagree with regards of being promised HomeKit integration for over three years I think, the Rapid Ring app is indeed now the regular app should work.

Make sure you download and set notifications from it instead of from the regular Ring app. Cause it’s instant.

You still need the regular app to access recordings.

I recently installed the eero system which is an Amazon company and noticed support is available for HomeKit. Hopefully, Amazon will enable Ring for HomeKit too.

Overall, like many—I am tired of waiting for companies to integrate with HomeKit, so I have been slowly replacing my home automation devices. There appears to be HomeKit enabled doorbells in the pipeline.

You all should check out Eufy (eufylife.com). They have HomeKit support in most all of their cameras and doorbells now. They’re cheaper than Ring and they don’t lie to their customers to get them to buy products.

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Agreed. Come on Ring, get it done!

It is time, Amazon.

I too remember when apple and ring announced HomeKit compatibility and HomeKit support was soon to follow. But ring hasn’t continued to develop for the apple ecosystem or supporting the Apple customers with additional features. There’s no app for Apple TV which could be a great selling point for Ring, just like the Apple Watch that is ignored and HomeKit is another missed opportunity we were told was coming… I think it is clear Amazon wants apple users to buy Amazon smart Assistants and has no interest in developing anything for the apple ecosystem.

It is my GUESS that before Ring supports Homekit (if they ever do so), that Logitch will offer the needed mounting hardware to allow thier ClearView camera (that already has HomeKit support with ASV) to be used as a doorbell. Such a mount could provide a flush mount (as oposed to thier tilting one), prevent the privacy button from being pressed, and maybe even support battery power. Logitech offered a variety of mounting options (including battery power) with their prevoius camera so they know how to do all that. So I’m betting they beat Ring to the HomeKit Doorbell finish line.