Holiday Chimes 2023

When will holiday chimes be available? It’s November 5th and we still have Halloween chimes. I am ready for Thanksgiving AND Christmas chimes. I hate how this is such a silly thing every year we have to “wait” for, and Ring never gives a release date. :roll_eyes:


Same here! I have tried to update the app and nothing


Agree. i dont see why all chimes should just be available at any time in the app.

My christmas lights are up! but no christmas chime in sight


I agree with everyone else - all tones all the time. The Christmas tones need to be available now. This is nonsense.


Hi, from the UK here! I’m also hunting for the Christmas tones and only found the Turkey Gobble. If the guys at ring monitor these forums…sort it out guys, you had the Halloween tones available in good time but we all need the Christmas ones!


I agree wish they would leave all the chimes available all the time. I wish they would allow us to upload our own chimes.


Looking back on my old posts, I see that not releasing holiday chime tones is an ongoing issue with ring. As others have stated, why can’t all the chimes be available all the time? If not, and they need a human to turn them on manually, maybe that person could have a yearly reminder placed on their calendar to have them check the box to release the holiday chimes and turn off the Halloween chimes on Nov 1. It’s not like we are paying for a service with ring. Oh wait, we are.

My son in law makes fun of my ring chimes, because his doorbell manufacturer has had the holiday chimes out for a while now. It would be nice to be able to show off my ring device, but since I’m stuck with the same thing year after year, I guess I can’t say my choice was the better one.


I completely agree! I’m so annoyed that Halloween is still there but not Christmas. We did t even get the turkey gobble for Thanksgiving this year. What the heck Ring!?!


Can’t choose which chime we want when we want… completely unacceptable… my guess for this year we will get the Xmas chimes mid December, but not me because by then I’ll be getting a different doorbell!!

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Same!! My husband has the Christmas chimes, but I still have Halloween. I didn’t even get the turkey one for thanksgiving. I tried everything I could think of to troubleshoot. :weary:

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I just chatted with Marjorie in customer service and she said that the Christmas sounds will be available ‘during the first week of December!’ But agree with everyone on this chat that they should be available year-round!!!


Hi neighbors, seasonal and holiday tones will be made available close to that particular season or holiday. There is no exact ETA when these tones will be released each year, but we recommend keeping the Ring app updated and keeping an eye out around each season or holiday for the tones to be made available. In regards to having holiday tones available year-round, you can your feedback to this post on our Feature Request board. Thank you!

After not getting thanksgiving chimes, the Christmas chimes are TERRIBLE. Every single one is bad loud bells. Come on. It’s 2023.

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