When I open the RING app on my Droid T2, history just spins and spins and spins. It never connects. But if I open the app, then close the app, and open it again history is there instantly. This has gone on for about 2 months. I have removed the app, shut the phone down, restarted it and reinstalled the app. Nothing changes. Always the same - history opens the 2nd time I connect but not the first. Seems like a server or account issue. Other than that everything works fine. I do have all the other things RING advertising throws at me turned off like other cameras, alarm etc… Get tired of things I don’t need or want being shoved in my face. I will tell you that if we can’t come to a solution on this we are going to look for another solution than RING. No need to pay for a service that annoys me or doesn’t work right.

Hi @STEPHENKENT. A few other things you can try. First, clear the cache and data for the Ring app. This can be done in the phones settings. Once that data is clear, again, try removing and reinstalling the app. After the app has been reinstalled, make sure location services is turned on and the Ring app has all the permissions allowed. Finally, try logging in to the Ring app and see it that helps. I really hope this works for you!