History Transfer / Device Replacement

“As a user, I…” kidding! Yuck, haha.

I didn’t see this feature request anywhere, but I did just speak with a rep. I had one camera and got another one so I was asking about upgrading my plan. (they pro-rate your plan, FTR).

I was thinking into the future and asked if I had to ever replace a camera/device, is there a way to “transfer” the history. The answer was no.

I’m a software engineer and frankly it’s a little offensive that’s not a feature. I work for an IoT company as a principal engineer on the platform side so I’m aware of the relative ease of such a feature (not saying it’s trivial).

Anyhow, hopefully this sees the light of day. It’s not a particularly difficult feature to implement, yes even from a data perspective. If the relationships in a database are architected properly, it’s a pretty straightforward feature add.