High end poe cameras?

I will move house mid 2025 and so I’m already researching for a security camera setup. It will include 3 outdoor cameras around the house as well as a ring doorbell.

Currently I have a ring doorbell pro for the past 6-7 years, it works great, very happy with everything. Also the wife likes it a lot too!

So naturally I want to consider ring. But from what I read the best outdoor cameras available by ring (stick up elite) are not having that good outdoor quality especially at night. I am not trying to criticise ring, I am already a fan but I want good quality video and security.

So I want to know, is there a plan to release a higher end outdoor poe camera some time before mid 2025 please?

Hi @user72496. I do not have any information on a future release of another version of the Stick Up Cam Elite. The latest release of the Stick Up Cam is the Pro version.

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