Hey, do you know when I DON"T want to learn about "MODES?"

… when I am attempting to use your phone app for the singular purpose for which I purchased it: TO ANSWER THE DOORBELL.

Having to click through an uninterruptable video about how very special modes are and how to use them (mind you, I have a SINGLE RING DOORBELL, so once I learned - later, by reading - what modes are, I was doubly annoyed at how useless it was), which also GETS VERY warning pop-up annoying if you attempt to close it, when just attempting to quickly answer a doorbell in the morning, was one of the worst, stupid UX experiences I’ve ever had, and I used Windows 3.

Whatever engineer or product specialist thought that was the way to introduce this latest unwelcome “feature” to a product set that has gotten remarkably bloated, is uniquely poor at their job.

Do better. I can GUARANTEE YOU that if a person is launching your phone app, they’ve got a PURPOSE in mind for using it, and aren’t “lightly browsing and ready to be delighted with new information”… Launch, let the person get to the tools they need, and GET OUT OF THEIR WAY. Advertise your new function which I immediately disabled (even though it really tried to keep itself on by default) in some other fashion.

Hi neighbor! Can you please confirm what app and phone version you’re running? Is this a new install of the App? Also, when did you download the Ring App? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? Thanks!