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I’ve had a ring doorbell for over 2 years but have just invested in a spotlight camera for my garden. I have a cat and so don’t want to be alerted everytime he walks across the garden, especially as doing so will annihilate my shocking slow internet too.

I’ve set a schedule which will only alert me at night for the garden. My question is, if I go away and set my devices to away mode, will it still follow the schedule? Obviously when I’m away, I want my devices to alert me of everything at all hours and was wondering if this is possible without having to manually change the schedule everytime I go away.

Any help would be appreciated l, thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @Xmas01245. If you plan to be away and want your system to remain in Away Mode the whole time, I would recommend toggling the Mode Schedule off until you return home. Otherwise, the Mode Schedule will continue changing the Mode at the designated days and times of the schedule. Once you return home, you can toggle the Mode Schedule back on.


Ah ok, was wondering if there was an easier way. That’s great, thanks for your help, much appreciated!

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