Help with Alexa

I downloaded the Alexa app to my iPhone but when I ask to see the video she says cameras are not supported on this device.i also can’t see it in my Samsung hub even though the ring app is loaded. When I called amazon for support they asked me why I wanted to see it. Obviously no help there
When I called amazon support

I had a little think about this. Simple reason, privacy. Trust me, you don’t want this and thankfully, neither does Ring. Why? Ring account holders have full access to all their cameras through the Ring app. Shared users can also be granted some or all camera access through their accounts. If you or any shared user could access those cameras on say, an Alexa app. Then anyone with access to that account (in this case Amazon) could also view your cameras.

Sometimes, things are done in a way, which at the time may not make any sense. Until Amazon and Ring can figure out a rock solid solution. You really don’t want this.