Help please stupid wifi

Please help. My ring doorbell will not connect. I have a Netgear nighthawk model R6220. During setup of video doorbell says I have wrong password for WiFi. I have done the troubleshooting and nothing is working.

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Hey there, @Nick80. The Nighthawk routers can sometimes have advanced layers of security and performance customization, in which a streaming device might need help connecting. Before we explore those options, please ensure you are choosing the 2.4 Ghz network, rather than the 5Ghz option. Enabling a standard 2.4Ghz guest network on your router can sometimes help provide a fresh and uniformed connection.

Within the Ring app, during setup, the last step/ page for connecting to your home wifi network has an option to “add hidden network”. Instead of choosing your network from the list, tap “add hidden network” and the Ring app will allow you to manually enter your network information.

If these steps did not assist in resolving your connection concerns, please check out our help centre article about ports and protocols. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: