HELP- Misleading theft policy

I have spent more than half of my day dealing with the theft of the security system. From waiting for police investigation to filing online only to not have the option to file theft of the pro base station… the thing that makes the equipment usable AND is not available for purchase separately only as a complete system!!!

Then…. I was told only security cameras are covered in the replacement policy. Your policies state “ring units” no where does it say a unit or device is only considered a camera. We purchased the job site security kit and the cameras cannot work without the base pro station which was stolen along with the other stick-cams…. The only way to get the system to work is to buy another complete system!! So not only do we have to deal with larceny… but now have to come out of pocket to purchase a whole system that should be available and part of the replacement process.

This policy is very misleading and I have not seen any where in writing where the policy is only applicable to cameras. Also why isn’t the theft department able to interface with clients?

I would like someone to reach out to me regarding this issue…. Our job site has no power and these systems should be completely replaceable because you cannot get wifi connection without the pro base station on new construction work sites. The systems are needed on job sites to help stop theft and destruction but to not have reassurance or warranties to replace systems that are stolen is beyond disappointing.

I’ve been a ring customer for years and this policy is really making me think of looking for additional options to help secure our investments!

I will end with this… My customer service rep Ryan was truly amazing and patient through my frustration… but this policy, the vagueness, it needs to be revisited and we need a remedy YESTERDAY!

… the word camera is never used “Important Notes Concerning the Ring Theft Replacement Policy
• The replacement of stolen Ring units is a courtesy service provided by Ring. Ring reserves the right to deny this service at any time due to suspected fraud, malfeasance, or any other cause.
• Notifications of device theft must be received within 15 days of the date the theft occurred. Honoring the stolen item replacement policy subsequent to 15 days after the theft of a Ring device is solely at the discretion of Ring.
• Replacement devices offered under this policy are offered on a “like for like” basis. The replacement device will be the same make and model as the original stolen device. “

Hi @user53512. The Community forum is for other neighbors, me, or other members of my team to offer troubleshooting steps for certain concerns. Theft concerns cannot be handled here; you will have to work with our support team for this type of concern. You can also reach out to our support team on Facebook or Twitter by sending a private message to @Ring.

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