Heat is causing my solar path lights to go offline during day

I installed 4 solar pathlights last week along the same short path in front of my house. They’re bridged to my Echo 10. I live in Palm Springs and I know for a fact that the sun and/or heat is causing my lights to go offline during the day… and it’s not even that hot yet. Low 100’s. I know because they go offline in sequence as they become exposed to the sun. One reason I ditched my Nest video doorbells and went with Ring is because Ring video doorbells have a higher temperature operating range… but I’m worried about the solar pathlights not being able to tolerate the hot summers. Anyone else come to this conclusion?

Hi @PalmSpringsBill. I was able to find this Community post where other neighbors had a similar concern to yours. There is a marked solution with an explanation for this concern and what to do if you have any further questions about your Smart Lights falling offline because of overheating.

Thank you Justin_Ring. I haven’t gotten a high temperature status, just offline. For me it really isn’t that big of a deal since it only happens during the day and don’t get used during that time anyway. Helps to know others have encountered it and it’s expected behavior.

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