Having a joint/shared RING Door Bell for a block of flats

RING have suggested I put this idea here, as it appears this product doesn’t exist yet.

I live in a flat, with 6 homes in total.

In my mind, we’re in need of a more modern “door bell” system, and some simple level of security. Our current “buzzer” system is nothing more then a metal box, with 6 numbers shown and a buzzer by each. They buzz, you ask who it is and you press a button to let them in.

Old and outdated and you can’t see who is buzzing.

The idea of a RING Door bell, with the built in camera is very tempting, but they are currently only designed for “one per house”, if that makes sense. One camera and one door bell, per house-hold.

My thought is, why can’t we have one designed for “flats”.

In the respect, that you have one RING Door Bell at the front, by the door, outside which can offer (as in my case) 6 buttons to press and depending on which you chose, it will only buzz that flat in question, and disrupt no one else.

Each flat can still look back on historic footage, for security and hilarity.

The only other solution, is having 6 homes placing 6 RING door bells, at the front of a block of flats, which would look ugly and excessive. It does however raise the question, of could you then connect the RING Door bell, to the same mechanism which opens the door from within the flat too?

I can’t see why not.

If this is a product you need in the near term, then likely you’ll want to look at the products from other manufacturers that are out there.
It seems unlikely Ring would enter this niche market anytime soon, so it might take years (if ever) for Ring to create a product like this.