Have time stamp back in timeline history bar

Hi. With the Ring app new feature, the timeline history bar doesn’t show time but shows event type name. I think the color actually indicates the type of events (Motion, Ding, Live View). We don’t need the event type name to be shown again.
Time is now shown in each video. Having the timestamp in the timeline history bar will be more straightforward for us to skim through the events. Otherwise we will need to check every video to know the event time. I’d like to have the time stamp back into the history timeline bar, if possible.


Absolutely agree!! Put it back please

Yes this timeline is horrible, impossible to see activity at a glance on the ios app. Please fix

I fully agree. The time is only very small in the video screen so it is not easy to easy. Would be great to have the time in the timeline again to quickly find an event

I can’t imagine why it was removed. Bring it back.

Yes Ring needs to put a time stamp in sometimes you cannot tell what time or date the video was actually recorded.