Has the siren volume issue been addressed/resolved for Spotlight Cam?

I am about to purchase some Ring Spotlight cams to add to my system but there are a bunch of complaints from 2021 about the siren suddenly getting quieter than advertised (supposedly due to “liability concerns” which is BS). Has this been addressed with the latest firmware?

Also, do any of the other cameras from Ring besides the spotlight and floodlight include the siren feature?

One of the biggest factors with me going Ring spotlight vs other cams is the ability to integrate the siren and if it is not loud, there is no point… Thank you in advance to anyone who responds!

Hi @alexanderjones. I’d recommend starting with our Security Camera Buyer’s Guide in our Help Center, as it will list and compare all of the features and power specifications of each of our devices. You can also review all of the product specifications and features on Ring.com for each device’s product page, and all of our Security Cameras have a siren that you can choose to activate via the Ring App.

Should you run into any performance concerns with your Ring devices, we have multiple avenues of support and troubleshooting assistance available. You can search here on the Community to find answers from our team or other neighbors, or you can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for more in-depth troubleshooting help for your concerns. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlyn, I understand the printed specifications (105db) rated for the spotlight cam. I’m concerned because there are multiple articles and message board posts from Ring users who have stated that their cam sirens suddenly became very quiet and Ring stated this was due to liability concerns.

I want to know if this has been rectified. If I purchase the spotlight cam, will it actually be a 105db siren or will it be the updated “quiet” version?

@alexanderjones I can’t speak to any neighbor’s specific experiences with the siren on their Spotlight Cam, such as what the exact db level is compared to how loud they think it should be, as every neighbor’s home and experience is different. As I mentioned, our support team is available to help with any troubleshooting concerns if you decide to purchase a Ring Spotlight Cam or any other Ring device.

The siren on your Ring Security Camera is designed to act as a deterrent to any unwanted visitors, and it has to be manually activated from within your Ring App. You do also have the option via the Linked Devices feature to have your Camera’s siren trigger when the Ring Alarm’s siren is triggered, but that does require that you already have the Ring Alarm security system in place.

I have read your answer, however I still do not know if the ring siren works at 105 db as advertised?

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Does the siren in my floodlight camera work at 205db as advertised?

I gave up trying to post on here for answers being all you get is a BS computer response. Not sure if “Caityln” is even real or if “she” has any knowledge of Ring products.

I’ve decided to just go with a different brand as Ring cannot even answer a simple question. Very disappointing.