Hardwired Ring door bell no longer charging.

Hi, my hardwired ring doorbell (which has been installed at this property for some time) has decided to stop charging from the mains. The little green battery icon says fully charged (and still charging) but if i go into “device health” its says power “poor” and i am now having to charge the unit via USB. I have seen this exact same issue cropping up a lot on the forums and it seems to be due to a recent firmware upgrade? I have circuit tested the feed and there is no issue there, please tell me there is a fix on the way??

Update, spoke to RING this morning and explained the issue, they re-flashed my device with new firmware now i am playing the waiting game to see if my battery is still discharging. I would advise anyone suffering from a similar problem to call thier help line as they appear to be very aware of this fault with a firmware patch on standby to rectify it. I will let you know if this solves the issue.

Problem solved. New firmware and now the battery is charging, happy days!!


My Ring doorbell no longer charges the battery eventhough hardwired nor does my mechanical bell ring.
However, I can charge the battery with the included charge cord and then it works until battery dies.
However the mechanical chime in our home does not ring unless I hook it back up to the original doorbell bottom at the front of our home.
In the meantime the doorbell button at the the back door allows the mechanical chime to ring regardless of what is happening at the front door.
Please advise how I can get the ring button at the front door to be fully functional.
Thank you

Hey there, @DJS133. With the chime kit sounding from the original buttons, this is a great sign that there is enough power for the chime kit to function. I recommend checking out our Chime Kit Compatibility List next. Here are the lists by Video Doorbell Mode, as they may differ:

Doorbell (1st Gen)

Doorbell 2

Doorbell 3 / 3 plus

As it sounds like this worked in the past, please also check wire connections behind the Doorbell and at the chime kit. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: