Hardwired Ring 2 doorbell not charging

I have a ring 2 that I’ve had for about a year with no issues until now. I was looking at the app and it reports 6% battery despite being hardwired. The doorbell function works (rings a mechanical doorbell as well as through the app). I thought this model can charge via the doorbell? The battery can’t possibly be just now getting low.


Hi @Jjfrieze. When your Ring Doorbell is hardwired, the battery will be trickle charged. The frequency in which you charge the battery will be greatly reduced, but it will still need to be charged. You can learn more about that in this Help Center article here. I hope this information is helpful.

After review I found that my unifi settings were affecting it’s connectivity. On my unifi it was reporting disconnects. I set 2.4 to HT40 and 5 to VHT80 and it’s charging well now that I made those changes

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Hi @Jjfrieze. Glad to hear that you got this sorted.

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