Hardwired Doorbell randomly disconnects once a week

Hi, hoping someone can shed some light on my problem - I can’t be the only person suffering this problem!

I’ve got a ring 3 doorbell, about 18 months old. Initially on battery but recently hard wired in a vain attempt to resolve this issue to no avail.

Doorbell is connected to a chime pro on the other side of the wall which is connected to our BT Home Hub, fibre to the door internet so no issue with speed of connection. Robust signal and when working streams very reliably.

The issue is, around once a week we get people knocking on the door and telling us the doorbell doesn’t work. The white ring is still lit but if you press the button it’s totally non responsive. App reports as offline too. The only way to get it to connect is physically remove the battery, reinsert and everything is well again for another week.

It’s driving us bonkers as I now have to remind myself almost daily to check the status in case today is the day it loses connection!

Has anyone had any other experience similar to this and if so, what solved it? I thought hard wiring power might help but it’s still exactly the same.

Tried re-connection process tonight to see if that helps but I’m not holding my breath!

Any advice greatly received!

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Hi @richellis82. You can try a factory reset and reconnection of your Video Doorbell 3. To do this, you press and hold the set up button for 20–25 seconds. You will get a flashing blue light for a few seconds. Next, you will need to reconnect your Video Doorbell to your wifi. You will need your pin code to do the set up, which was included in your packaging on a slip of paper. If you do not have that, the pin code will be on the back of the Video Doorbell. If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support

Thanks. Have tried as suggested and I was filled with hope as a firmware update occurred but it seems the problem has still persisted. A few days without disconnection and then today it went offline again :frowning:

Hi @richellis82. I’d recommend following up with our support team since the suggested troubleshooting steps didn’t help. Our support team can take a deeper dive and ensure all applicable troubleshooting steps have been completed.

I had similar problems installing wired video door bell. When installed on the same place as the old door bell switch it keeps saying offline. In the current location, the reset button is not accessible and therefore I have to unscrew the video door bell and push the reset button. Same problem and after trying for about 3 times. Transformer voltage is healthy according to device health check. I got fed up and removed the doorbell from outside the front door and temporarily connected it to the transformer inside the porch with a hanging wire and got it working. Not sure if the location outside front door where the old bell switch is the problem or not. I am going try again after disconneting the power and connecting it the transfomer wires outside. Not sure if I just try after pushing the reset button or do I have to remove the device from my Ring Apps and reinstall from the start again.

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Hi, I have a similar problem. Earliest UK model doorbell, adapted to be hard wired. It works ok while we are in the UK, but every tome we go on holiday abroad it goes offline fairly quickly, and there appears to be no way that it can be reconnected remotely, so we are left without it, at the exact time we really need it! Anyone heard of a remote reconnect solution? Thanks, Bud

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