Hardwire Smoke/CO alarm with built in Alexa

Hi, I recently moved into a new home and discovered that the smoke/CO detectors are hardwired. I know in some towns hardwired smoke/CO detectors with battery back up are required by local codes. I installed 6 first alert smoke detectors that are compatible with ring but they are only battery powered. If possible for piece of mind a hardwired version would be great. I know Ring offers the detector listeners but I think some people myself included don’t like the look of having to hang another device next to a standard smoke/CO detector.

Does Ring have plans to make a hardwire smoke/CO detector with battery back up? This device could also function as a speaker and Amazon Alexa echo device all in one. I think a lot of home owners would appreciate the clean look of an Amazon Echo/Smoke/CO unit all in one that can be mounted to a ceiling. Thanks for your consideration.

Does the First Alert hardwired smoke and CO alarm you link to above work with Ring alarm?


You would have to purchase the Smoke/CO listener for it to work with ring alarm.

I agree a hardwired works with ring alarm would be nice.

Agree with this too… ours have to be hardwired per local requirements… stupid there is not an option for that and only carry battery versions.

My city requires hardwired ring compatible fire alarm, I would like to get a hardwired smoke/co2 alarm. Yes, I know listeners are available but thfat is a Band-Aid approach and want a dedicated unit.

Please Ring, the situation with not supporting any hardwired CO/smoke detectors is horrible. Due to regulations, there is no integratable solution in many areas.