Hard Wired Smoke/CO Detector

I love that Ring works with First Alert’s z-wave smoke/co detector, but unfortunately those are only available as battery-operated. It’s great because I was able to easily add them to additional places in the house that weren’t wired for them. However, we do also have wired units in place. If Ring offered a wired option it would add a degree of safety since you’re not at the mercy of a depleted battery. You could also add things like a nightlight and push notifications for low battery that just aren’t realistic in a unit that runs on 2 AA batteries. Shoot, go ahead and make them a repeater for other devices on the system since you’ve got power anyway.

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I’d like to add my support in requesting an option for a First Alert z-wave smoke/co unit that is hard-wired for power. We have many existing hard-wired smoke alarm units already in the house, and it doesn’t make sense to ‘downgrade’ them to battery-powered units when the power is already there. I believe First Alert already makes powered units - can Ring work with them to offer a Ring-qualified option as well? thanks (BTW I like the earlier suggestion that you could add a repeater as well given they would be powered…)

Agreed, by code all of ours have to be hardwired so it would be a great thing to have.