Hard-wired flood option

My current floodlight is on a regular light switch. I’d like to replace it with a Floodlight Cam, but not at the cost of losing the ability to flip the lights off and on from the wall. We have more than one floodlight on the circuit, but only one where I want a Floodlight Cam instead, so the app isn’t an option for this situation.

Running a dedicated power circut to the light would be easy, so I’d like to see a Floodlight Cam that is wired more like a ceiling fan with two power channels: one for a switch that can force the flood on, and another that provides constant power to the motion detector and everything else. When the switch is off the floods only come on when told to by the motion detector; when the switch is on the floods are on, but the video and alarms continue to be only triggered when motion is detected.