Harassment from neighbor

I have pending criminal charges against my neighbor for harassment, multiple pending charges for harassment, not just one, this is something that has been ongoing since March, she is now using her ring doorbell to further harassment my family and I. she has uploaded videos of me to 23 different neighborhoods, which would be continued part of the harassment… not only that, but audio is recorded, and in the state of Pennsylvania, she needs my consent to have my audio recorded by law, and she does not have my consent in the video nor anywhere else… I can’t find anybody to get in contact with to ask about the removal of these, I do have court papers and the dockets to prove that this person is harassing me and using these videos to further the harassment, so if anybody has any type of information or advice on who I can contact about this and get these videos were moved immediately, that would be great thank you.

also we live in an apartment complex and our doors are so close together that her doorbell can hear inside of my apartment, which would be considered wiretapping in the state of Pennsylvania. . And she has admitted to me she can hear me via text message… Which yes I also have proof of. I am a prisoner in my own home because of this and because of the co vid 19, there’s not much anybody can do until court, which is July and until then I’m going to have to deal with this, and It would really help if this community would not allow somebody to further harass somebody and their family.

Hey @Anonforsafe. Thank you for reaching out to Ring Community in regards to your concern. I could imagine that something like this may be a difficult time for you, and I apologize that you are having to go through these loops to reach a resolution. When it comes to the Neighbors app, we allow our neighbors in the app to report and flag posts that may not be appropriate for the app. I recommend checking out our Guidelines for the Neighbors app here, and if you find posts from this person or others that are going against our guidelines or are otherwise inappropriate, please report said post. We do have a staff that monitors the Neighbors app, but reporting a post can speed up the process.

To report a post on the Neighbors app, you can find the post in the app, tap the three horizontal lines at the top right of the post and then tap on Report Post. This will allow you to report the post in the effort for said posts to stop.