Halloween 2022 Chime Alerts

I have called Ring 4X about the Holiday chimes & each time they tell me “just a few more days”! Extremely frustrating. It looks like it’s time for Ring to add more variety of chimes, including holiday year round, bc I am bored with so little chimes to choose from.

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I will be so upset if they don’t have the Christmas ones. Why do they even delta the them off after the season ends, just leave them there and people can decide when they want to use them!

I’m going to Nest doorbell they have Halloween and all kinds of tones for every holiday! Fireworks, bunny sounds, cinco de mayo and many many Halloween and Xmas tones! I paid a lot for my Ring system but I’d rather go with a system that I can customize myself and not have to wait

The Halloween chimes are available. I just changed my tone and I’m in NJ. They have new tones. Happy spooky season all


Why can’t we upload custom chimes? We could do this on cell phones for 20+ years…