Halloween 2022 Chime Alerts

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Is there a date set when Halloween Chimes are going to be released on the Ring App? I’m almost done decorating for Halloween and the only thing missing is Rings Halloween Chimes. Thank you for your help on this.



Not sure, but this will be the first year for us to use them. I assumed they would have been available as of the 1st of the month!


Hi neighbors. There is no date available as of yet on when the Halloween themed chime tones will be available.

the holiday sounds are our favorite , it’s already October 4th and I dont see them. Are they coming out again this year?

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I just got off the phone with them, there is no date but the operator said maybe 5 days before Halloween…gotta say imo that’s ridiculous.

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Its a shame… it should’ve been available a couple days ago!! It’s sad that it’s not. :sleepy:

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I’ve been looking for these the last few days, they were available on 2 October last year! What’s with the useless Thursday night football ones?

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I totally agree. It does not seem like it would be that difficult or that big a deal to just add these popular chimes. 5 days before halloween? Why even bother? Are they going to add the Christmas sounds on the 22nd?

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what’s silly is ring deciding when you can use the holiday chimes.
These should be always available, just farther down in the list in their own Holiday section. If I would like Christmas chimes in July…shouldn’t that be my call?

Moderator - can we please make this a formal enhancement request? If there are any questions or something else I need to do, please let me know. Thanks!

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After some searching I found you can connect ring to your Alexa account and then configure any echo dots to act like chimes. Those already have Halloween sound’s available

Can you share this info?

Seriously. Why are these not available yet?

Why even remove the sounds as an option. My wife leaves it on the ghosts all year long and when she had to get a new phone she lost the spooky sounds. I thought it was cool and didn’t know it was an option. I hope they leave it on the app all year.

Agreed, please bring back Halloween sounds ASAP! Does anyone from Ring monitor these discussions? Cheers and thanks!

Yes can we somehow make a request that these special holiday ring tones are available year-round? What is the problem with doing so? Shouldn’t customer service be about making sure customers are happy and if that’s what somebody wants no matter what time of the year it is, why is it not available? It seems pretty ridiculous to me.

I agree! These should be available all year long. What’s the big deal?

Come on ring, get this done. No excuses for this. These are really the only reason I stick with ring, I put the chime on the porch and have it play holiday sounds during this time of year when people approach. I’ll probably start looking into other solutions and get rid of ring all together if these don’t appear soon

Im just wondering are the Halloween chimes available in uk?
Do they just appear in the list?
I have never changed the chime so new to it.

Yes they are usually available in the UK, you just have to keep checking, as you can probably guess from this forum we are over due for them to be added

Hope this was helpful

Going back to to the comment about Alexa, if you have an Alexa add the ring skill. Once added and linked using you log in details, still in the Alexa app go to devices and find your doorbell and select it, here you can choose which “Amazon” type devices in you house can be used for “doorbell press announcements” and here you can also choose your doorbell sound, be it normal, or Halloween/Christmas, I expect rings delay for giving us chimes is to force us on to the Alexa method.

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