Gunshot alert section

I see at least 10 to 15 postings a week about gunshots or fireworks being fired. The postings are annoying. Ive discussed this with many other users and they have complained that those postings are seriously annoying to them as well. So create a section for noise ordinance violations or gunshots that way we can filter them out. You WILL get more app interaction that way because many people have turned off notifications due to so many erroneous postings on gunshots or fireworks. The postings are almost always the same.

“I just heard what sounded like gunshots or fireworks. Did anybody else hear them?”

I very rarely hear about someone actually being shot in the news. So i sincerely do not see the need to post this question where it can be seen by everyone that finds it annoying. Let’s place a filter to still allow these postings but also allows us to filter them out.

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I am here for this exact reason. A sound ordinance section should be created and I should be able to manage what type of alerts I want. I’m just going to start reporting every post about firecrackers.