Guest access to locks but not Alarm

When I add a guest user, I can decide which locks to give the guest access to which is great. But if I try to disallow a guest access to the security system, the toggle switch is dimmed and it won’t let me. Why can’t I give guest access to a lock but not the security system?

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I would also like this functionality. Without this I will likely have to use something else to control my locks, really degrading my experience.

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Ring, can you please respond to this? It makes no sense that a guest needing access to the lock must have access to arm/disarm the alarm system…

Hi, neighbors! There are many smart locks which Work With Ring, and it is important to emphasize that they are intended to do just that; Work with Ring. The Ring Alarm system features many options for adding users and roles, in which our help center article has tons of information on each option. At this time, guest users can be assigned a PIN and can use it for disarming the Alarm system and gain access if a lock is present. If you’ve chosen to integrate a smart lock with the Alarm system, then the linked features for entry will apply. This access can be revoked at anytime, by the owner, and Guest access does not grant Ring app access. Of course, if any desired options are not listed above, this feature request thread is a great place for other neighbors to share their interest for additional features. :slight_smile: