Guard detects Alexa notification

I have enabled the Guard feature with my Ring alarm system and like the fact that my Echo devices are listening for glass breaking.
However, I am constantly getting alerts on my phone that Guard detected activity in my house when I’m armed away. The Alexa Dot announces that “Someone is at my front door” or “motion is detected at the gate” whenever motion is detected by the Ring doorbell or someone (pool guy, landscaper, bug guy, etc) enters the gate and is detected by the outside camera. Guard hears that announcement and sends an alert in addition to the alert that is sent by the doorbell or camera.
Am I missing a setting here so Echo announcements don’t trigger the Guard feature and Alexa is just listening for glass breaking or sounds that somebody might be inside?
I hope I’m explaining this problem correctly -

Hi @markbrandt. With Amazon Alexa devices, you can configure them to announce when there is motion or a doorbell button push. This can be disabled at anytime in the Amazon Alexa app. If this is conflicting with your Guard Mode, try adjusting the volume of the announcements to mitigate interference. This Help Center article here has great information on Guard Mode for the Amazon Alexa. If you are still having this concern, try reaching out to the Amazon Alexa team here.