Grounding the Ring Floodlight Wired

I just purchased the Ring Floodlight Wired and I was surprised to see there was no ground wire. Per the instructions I am supposed to take the incoming nomex groudng wire and terminate it to the plastic junction box. However there appears to be no ground from the Ring Floodlight itself; there is only a hot and a neutral wire. Is this correct? Is there is no ground?

Hi, i was wondering if you were able to install the lamp and if so what you did with the wiring? My box doesnt have anywhere to screw the ground cable and I called ring and they didnt anything know about this

Hi there, neighbors! As mentioned in the Smart Lighting Floodlight installation manual, there should be a place on your junction box for this wire. If the placement is not as straight forward as the manual reflects, we recommend consulting with a licensed electrician to ensure for proper wiring.