Great ideas ring top people should read!


  1. The warning saying the cameras can say, needs a time schedule option. It’s great but not all day. Like have all your cameras say the annoying sentence about being recorded but set at night time when I want it to.

  2. I don’t want alerts all day when kids are running around so they’re set to off, but if we leave on a day I do. Not going to reset all cameras day I leave. Have option to get camera alerts when alarm is armed and not when it’s disarmed.

  3. I bet 25% of your calls are from alarm set off but disarmed within seconds. If alarm goes off but disarmed within 30 seconds of sirens, Don’t call, no need and a waste of all our time. So annoyed when family sets it off, not because I hear 4 seconds of siren, but that I know I have to get the call and listen through the entire recording to confirm.

  4. Sometimes it asks secret word and sometimes just says acknowledge. Well crap, it tells you OR A KILLER WITH A GUN, what to say. Say Acknowledged! Don’t tell a robber what to say!

  5. Have secret word also secret 4 digit code you can punch in the second you pick up and voice stops talking then says acknowledged and everyone hangs up. No need to listen to entire thing.

  6. Well add option on here for IDEAS for a start. There is not one! I always say “Smart person listens to everyone and does what they want” “Stupid person doesn’t listen to anyone at all” Well pretty stupid ring has nowhere to send brilliant ideas like mine. Also have about 20 more fyi.