Google Nest Hub/Apple Home App Integration

Hi all, is there absolutely anyway you can connect Ring to Google Home? I’ve recently purchased a doorbell and I use Google Nest Hub Displays so this is really inconvenient to me as I’ve read that they are currently rivals against each other which is pretty silly.

If not, are you able to view the Ring doorbell via the Home app on iPhone?

It says it’s compatible with Google Home, however when I search for ring on the Works with Google list, it doesn’t show. Nor does any link from Google themselves mentioning a ring integration.

If not, I can use my phone obviously but this is very inconvenient to me if it doesn’t allow me to connect it to Google.

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Hi @wkeiron. Right now, the only fully supported integration is with Amazon Alexa. Any other smart home integrations may have limited integration and feature support.

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Hello, @wkeiron

While Ring and Google Home are separate platforms, you can integrate Ring devices with Google Assistant for basic functionalities. This allows you to use voice commands to view Ring doorbell live feeds on compatible devices like Google Nest Hub Displays. However, full integration may not be available, so you may need to use the Ring app on your iPhone for complete control. Make sure your specific Ring device is compatible with Google Assistant before attempting integration.

I hope my suggestion is helpful to you.

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