Google Assistant or Google Home Integration

Whether it be through the Samsung smart things hub or direct integration with the Google Assistant, please add control via the Google Assistant. I’d like to use my voice to control the alarm on my Android and Google Assistant supported smart speakers.


Hello –

Please update the Ring products to work with Google Home/Google Assistant. I purchaed my 3 Ring products with the belief and hope that they would work with my already existing Google Home setup and am sorely disapponted that they won’t.

While I understand product exclusivity with Amazon and Ring (afterall Amazon owns Ring), in today’s connected world with multiple platforms being usedconnectivity across millions of homes, it makes sense to have them be compatible with one another and not connectivityjust specific to the Amazon Echo family.


yes please enable google integration.

I thought this was the case, considering returning


Fully back this! Should of been intergrated with Google Home from the beginning and I mean proper intergration, with the features similar to what you’d get on a Alexa device! For my smart home, this is the only thing Ring lacks.

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It’s very sad that even small companies have their products (cameras), home alarm systems integrated with Google Home, and Ring still has nothing usable.


Absolutely! Honestly, I wish I had gone with a different home security system due to this fact. Amazon’s Alexa is cool and all, but it doesn’t even come close to Google home’s capabilities so I refuse to switch over to Alexa. It’s a huge disappointment from the ring team in my opinion.


I have my google home mini, close to my Sonos speakers which has Alexa when I tell google goodbye it waits for a short time then says Alexa arm alarm and alarm activates. I also think if Alexa or google are always listening (which they are even if they claim not to be) then we should be able to say a phrase that would activate panic mode without saying google or Alexa first, just incase you can’t get to the app or keypad.

I would like Ring Alarm to have synch features on IFTTT so I can geomap my phone and when I’m away alarm automatically activates.


I agree. There are a ton of products out there that have compatibility with both and if they can do it so can Ring.


I nagged on you guys a year ago about this.

Am not going to buy anymore products before this is implemented.
Ore are you bought up by Amazone since it only work on alexa?
BTW Alexa is a poor choice where i live.

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Please bring Google Home Hub support to the Ring Door View Cam. Specifically, I want to see audio notifications when someone rings the bell or when motion is detected, as well as being able to view the video feed when someone rings the bell or motion is detected.

Is there a timeline for this?

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Amazon please update your platform for the doorbell to work with Google home hub. I’m sure you would get more buyers if this feature was included on this product

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I can currently view the Ring Doorbell Pro in the Android apps. on phone and tablet.

The device I’m also hoping to be able to view on is the Google Home Hub - with 7" touch screen display. All of which I’ve had for over 12 months.

From a comment response on the Ring community site, it seems it’s not compatible.

However, is it in the ‘To do’ list, are Ring intending to make the doorbell compatible with Google Home devices?

Here’s hoping!


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I would like to see the incident report map sent to my Google Family Link so that I can view both the Ring data and the location of my family at the same time.

It is advertised that Ring works with Google now is time to make it happen.

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also want this right now the basic commands are pointless where is the video stream that is also needed.

They do not listen to their cusomers therefore all products related to ring has been given one star.

Please integrate with Google home hub. This will allowing Ring door bell/camera to streaming the video on Google home hub/Nest max. This will be a good features and highly potential increased the sales on Ring product.


Yes please! i bought this doorbell thinking it worked with my google hub max!

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ring doorbell casts ring to google mini / home

awating integration


Amazon / Ring team, you MUST put the customer in the center of your operations. My home is governed by Google Assistant and my security by Ring Doorbell and Ring Cameras. I rather Assistant than Alexa. I rather Ring than Nest. It’s a big mistake to have a war between you two because the only injured are your own customers.

Start integrating Ring with Assistant ASAP. Don’t let us down.