Glass Break Sensors

Still no glass break sensors, I see. It’s only been over 2 years now. Looks like Ring had time to redesign a bunch of stuff, but still haven’t been able to figure out how to make those pesky glass break sensors.


Do you have Alexa?

They introduced a glass break feature with Alexa Guard. Where your Alexa devices listen for broken glass and will notifiy you and/or Ring.

Same if she hears smoke detectors.

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Let your “Thumbs Up” be seen as your vote for Glass Break Sensors. Ring Teams notice Feature Requests with higher Thumbs Up numbers, and then are more likely to concern the request. There are other Glass Break Sensor Requests on the Feature Board. Across other topic areas (just not here in the Feature Board topic area) there are also many that I’ve probably missed a few links. But if you think this “Glass Break Sensor” device would be nice to have, click on the links below and then click the Thumbs Up Icon.…

EDIT UPDATE: Now “Thumbs Up” are called “Votes” (upper-left-corner, next to topic title).


Shipping 2/16/22


We’re excited to announce the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor! With this new sensor, you can accurately detect glass break events like windows being smashed or cracked. Pre-order the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor here.

We greatly appreciate the feedback and requests from the Community, and are thrilled to bring neighbors this update! :slight_smile:

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