Glass break sensor

I bought into Ring to get a “real” security system after spending much time trying to DIY a solution in Smartthings. Way too much cloud and third party machinations only to end up with a 'hobby" system. Ring has everything EXCEPT a real glass break sensor. Alexa is NOT an answer - not even properly integrated to trigger an alarm. Even Smartthings supports the Utilitech Z-Wave Glass Break Detector
Come on!! There are other options out there - you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Z-Wave Glass Break
Fortunately, Ring does support some third party devices like the First Alert Z-Wave Smoke & CO Detector, so I was able to move those from Smartthings to Ring.
Please… Give us a real Glass Break Detector.
If nothing else, at least IFTTT integration would give the Community a chance to help out.
Apologies if this came across as a rant. I love my Ring - it’s a real security system. Just plug the hole.

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Where is the glass break sensor device? It’s been few years already.

  1. WHERE is the glass break sensors ring? 2. How does this thread only have 293 votes! We NEED a glass break sensor! Its a basic component of any alarm. Im also not interested in Alexa guard.

Need a ring glass break sensor. Have Alexa and guard, but only works in away mode. I need something to monitor the basement and unoccupied areas when home as well.

Yes, but only in away mode. I want the alarm to go off if someone tries to break in by breaking glass while we’re home too. Makes no sense to not allow that

It seems that the desire to bring people forcibly into the Amazon ecosphere is more important than meeting a clear customer need.

Why else wouldn’t they develop such a device?

With current antitrust concerns being floated regarding some of the key tech companies, ignoring customer needs to prop up a related business is anticompetitive behavior that works as evidence in those cases.

Hi neighbors! We appreciate your continued feedback regarding a glass break sensor so that we can pass this onto the appropriate teams. While it may not be exact to your request and we do not have a Glass Break sensor at this time; Alexa Guard through your Echo device is able to detect sounds of glass breaking and alert you accordingly. To learn more about how Alexa Guard can work with your Ring Alarm for glass breaking, check out this Community post here. For more information about Alexa Guard vs. Alexa Guard Plus, please also check out our Help Center article here.

We thank you all for your continued feedback in this thread, and if we are able to bring a standalone Glass Break sensor to our Ring neighbors, we will make sure we update this thread accordingly.

This IS NOT a solution! It does nothing but notify you. Stop telling people this is a solution. The mic in the echo is not tuned for glass breaking frequencies and does not have a shock sensor to detect a hit. Disgusting that you and your company feel this is a glass break sensor and a terrible way to push your stupid devices on everyone

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