Glass break sensor

It would be great to have an actual glass break sensor for the alarm system. It’s a real short coming of the ring alarm system that otherwise is a very good system. I do not wish to use an echo to listen for glass break sounds. A dedicated glass break sensor that is fine tuned to the sounds of breaking glass and can pick up the shock waves from glass breakage would be a much better solution


A home security system is designed to detect as well as prevent home invasions. When you set your home security alarm, you expect to sleep peacefully throughout the night. If you have to work all day or be away from your home for several hours, you’d like to know that when you leave your valuables will be safe under lock-and-key. That’s not always the case where burglars are concerned. They will try everything they can to get in including breaking the glass.

Door and window sensors are set off when a door or window is opened while the alarm is set to “Stay” or “Away”. Thieves will sometimes break the glass in order to unlatch a door or unlock a window. With glass break sensors, the sound of breaking glass would cause the alarm to go off. A blaring alarm would startle any intruder causing them to run away immediately. The glass break sensors have the ability to determine the distinct volume of breaking glass. The vibration, or frequency is unique, therefore the glass break sensors would be able to send a signal over the Ring Alarm Z-Wave network that an intruder has broken the glass. Then, the alarm would sound and the monitoring company would receive a signal that your house has been compromised.

To Ring Developers – Please explain WHY you have NOT produced a Glass Break Sensor for your Ring Alarm System. Anything other than, it will be release on this date is not acceptable. There are too many people requesting this device and to not produce one is ignorance on Ring’s part.

I will await a proper response to this concern.


Unfortunately asking ring about this is a waste of time. Many of us have been asking for years. We always get the same BS response that they have passed it along to the proper team, and will not discuss the possibility of future feature or product updates.

It’s almost like Ring doesn’t want to keep any of their customers.


Those of us in the UK don’t have Echo Guard even as a stopgap so would be keen to know what’s happening with this?


I’d be very keen to know from Ring when some of the kit available in the US will become available to UK customers? Specifically, either a smoke/co listener or alarm and the flood and freeze sensors? I also assume Ring will eventually have to give in and introduce a glass break sensor, can this be immediately available in both markets rather than a long and unknown wait after a US launch? Thanks!


I’d like to send a request that Ring develops a glass break sensor. I’d be interested in purchasing a few of them. Thank you!

Also adding that’d I’d purchase multiple glass break sensors if they were ever developed. Biggest shortcoming of the Ring Alarm system.


I agree this would be a good feature. In the meantime, I’ve setup Alexa to listen for glass breaking and smoke detectors using Guard. Alexa is integrated with Ring so this gets turned on and off when Ring is armed/disarmed.

Need one ASAP I have been looking around and found anouther company with the same price /per mon that has it… I have a Law Enforncent background and belive this is a very importand to have… RING get it done… work somethhing out with a company that makes them… We belive in you

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Yep. Make a glass break sensor. Take my money. Don’t want an echo.

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I agree. I’ve been watching the Ring Alarm. I like the system, but I won’t buy one until they add glass break sensors.

I agree, I would also like to see a glass break sensor. I would certainly purchase one if it were offered. Nearly all of Ring’s competitors have one, and customers have been asking for some time. It seems a fairly easy business case for Ring’s product managers to make to leadership.

The Alexa Guard option is not an acceptable solution, as that will fail if my home internet goes down. I want something that will go through the base station so it has cellular backup.

It never even crossed my mind to check for the existence of glassbreak detectors when I ordered the initial system to try out. I am dumbfounded that this is not available…it is a fundamental sensor of any credible alarm system. Intruders will not always be so kind as to force open a door or window such that it will trigger a contact sensor, and motion detectors are not always possible.

Ring should never have even gone to market without a glassbreak detector. That none has since been released is an indictment, and a possible show-stopper while I am still within my 30-day trial period. I now need to decide whether to return the entire system.

I’ve seen that Ring has attempted to offload glassbreak detection to Alexa devices. To be blunt, there will *never* be a passive listening device in my home. Nobody who truly cares about their security or privacy should ever buy one of those monstrocities, regardless of the convenience. I hope I’ve been clear enough about that.

Ring…get your act together ASAP. This is basic stuff. Fix it.

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In my old house the windows had shock sensors on them even the sliding doors and they would activate if someone hit them hard enough, but not always break the glass. These were extremely useful when we were home and arming the alarm system in home mode as my dogs would trigger the motion detectors so we had to have them deactivated in certain zones the dogs frequented.

Not having them is not good enough, they door contact sensor could double up as a shock sensor if it had the right bits. You can pick them up for cheap off the shelf alarm units but can’t get them for a Ring alarm? Obviously the developers never had a break in without a door or window being forced open.

Is there an ETA and release date on a glass break sensor? If not, I am moving to Cove Smart Alarm, they also happen to have a sweet touchscreen control…waited too long for this…

Glass break sensor has been missing for 2 years. Echos don’t cut it because they won’t listen while the alarm is armed stay. Alarm can’t be armed away because the motion detectors will trip. Please provide one or make a 3rd party one available. You keep launching new cameras and even refreshed the alarm itself but no glass break sensor. It’s a real gap in coverage.


Deal breaker for me without glass break sensor. When in Home Mode, motion sensors are not active so burglar can break a window and get in without triggering alarm. Using Alexa as glass break sensor only works when there is power. If power is out, or burglar cuts the power, then there is no glass break protection. As many posts have indicated, most people would buy multiple glass break sensors if they were available. Makes good business sense. PLEASE offer a glass break sensor soon!


I’m not sure why this hasn’t happened. Please provide a glass break sensor, point of failure is if the internet is out or there is a power outage then the echo will not be able to detect glass breaking sound.

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i have worked for years in home security, glass break sensors in my opinion are a waste of money. Nowadays burglers dont just smash your window out, they actually use a technique we EMTs use to take out car windows without glass breaking all over the place. They mask the window with duct tape and use a window punch in the corner, almost no sound, not enough to set off a sensor. Put up a motion detector, not much of a price difference. my opinion from experience, once again.

Ring has released their 2nd generation security system —yet no glass break sensor. This is insane. Can’t think of another security system, along with monitoring, and doesn’t offer an audible glass break sensor. Absolutely insane. I have the 1st gen, and held out hope and option would be available by now. Guess it’s time to move on if Ring isn’t serious about providing standard security options.