Glass Break Sensor for Outside/In Vehicle

Recently, my vehicle was broken into by having the window smashed. The problem was that i did not know until i got in my vehicle in the morning.

A couple Ideas i thought would solve this would be:

  1. An in vehicle glass break sensor that is active when you are home/connected to your wifi
  2. and outdoor weather proof glass break sensor.

I have attached a video of the event
2022 Nissan Frontier Broken Into - No Alarm at all!!! - YouTube

Other than being able to call your insurance company in the middle of the night do you think a glass break sensor is going to deter a thief? Car burglars rarely pilfer a vehicle for more than 20 seconds and then they are on their way. By the time law enforcement arrives (if they arrive) the burglar would be long gone.
More than likely if the glass break sensor looked inviting the thief would likely take it hoping to make a buck selling it!