Getting alerts when movement is well outside motion zone

Hi all, I have now had two Ring Spotlight Cam Plus Plug-in cameras and I have set the Motion Zone to finish along the edge of my drive so that I do not get alerts when people are walking along the path. How ever much I pull the zone closer to my house however, as soon as anyone walks along the path I get an alert. I have set motion sensitivity to the minimum and reinstalled several times. I have set smart alerts to people only.

I bought this camera because my car was broken into and it was not picked up by my Ring Doorbell (as there is a post in the way). The zones on my doorbell and my floodlight plus work perfectly but if all pedestrian traffic passing innocently past my house sends me an alert, it’s pretty hopeless.

Anyone have the same problem and more importantly, got a way to fix this?


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Hi @garyatmulberry. A few questions, how is your Spotlight Cam Plus mounted? As in, how many feet off the ground? Is the area in front of the cam sloped at all? The bubble on the bottom, is it tilted or parallel to the ground? Also, do you have one big Motion Zone, or multiple smaller Motion Zones. Feel free to share a screen shot of your Motion Zones. The answers to these questions will help figure out where the error is here. Thank you!

I have the same issue. I had to disable the notifications as it goes off on every car that passes the house. The cars are very far outside the zone.

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Same problem here…

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