GeoFencing is on most rival alarm systems even cheap ones so why has it not been implemented for the Ring Alarm system yet?
Its relatively simple to implement but Ring don’t seem to want to do it and just say ‘We don’t have an ETA’ or ‘We will pass the information on’

Hey there, neighbor! We greatly appreciate you all sharing your interests and feedback with our Community. Your feedback is important to us and we are constantly sharing it with our teams here, while they work to improve your experiences. We are happy to announce that there is a new Geofence feature available for US based neighbors. This feature offers you an auto-snoozing of your notifications for your Doorbells and Cameras. Plus it has an Alarm Mode reminder too! Check out Riley’s Community article here, for more information on this new Geofence feature, and feel free to let us know what you think! :slight_smile:


Reminders are useless. We need the ability to arm and disarm alarms automatically based on geolocation. Who cares about reminders??? Just another bunch of banners in our notifications that we have to manually manage. That’s exact opposite of utilizing smart tech to its best capabilities.

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Absolutely pointless! If it can remind us it should be able to do it automatically.
Plus being in the UK I will probably be waiting months if not years to get it here.
Listen to your PAYING customers and give us what we want!

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Well said. Geofencing is available in even cheap cameras and other devices but Ring are still 5 years behind.
My Phillips Hue lights can turn off/on when I leave/arrive home so why cant my Ring alarm?!
Getting really fed up with Rings lack of foresight

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Sweden too
the ring door bell support is worst
I will never buy a ring doorbell again

So I noticed that the Geofence reminder ‘Feature’ was available in the UK.
I set it up as per the instructions and tested it by leaving the alarm disarmed while I popped out to get food.
It did NOTHING! No reminders when I left home or when I came home!
So this pointless feature doesn’t even work and possibly even worse it gives people a false sense of security.
I and all your other thousands of customers are paying money each month and we should get better than this!
If you aren’t going to provide a proper geofencing feature that automatically arms and disarms then I am going to make a point of sharing my disappointment over social media, then you might take notice

I have been on the phone to ring for nearly an hour about this ‘feature’ not working and so far all they have done is try to blame settings on my iPhone which I know is set up correctly. None the less I went through all the settings with them and proved that everything is set up up as it should be.
So they can’t explain it. What a surprise!

When I am home I don’t want to be constantly alerted by camera motion alerts. Currently to stop these irritating alerts I have to snooze the alerts every 4 hrs. Why should I have to do this? I have properly set up the GeoFence feature on the Ring App. Thus the Ring App knows when I am home. I don’t need or want to get a motion alert when I am home.
Please address this.

A simple needed update to the geofence feature is when your home disable for as long as your inside the geofence the doorbell motion notifications. Right now the snooze feature its maxed out at 4 hours. If I am home there is no logical reason to see every time I walk past the door bell after the 4 hours limit is exceeded, think over a weekend when your home all day.


Please consider adding the ability to shrink the GeoFence. In my case, with my house dead center the fence extends more that a block which would leave me vulnerable. Thank you.

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Yes I agree the geofence needs to have an adjustable user set perimeter as everyone has different needs. In my case it’s too small. My insteon isy 994i smart home controller has a user set geofence so I know this is possible.

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Whilst it’s great that Geofencing has finally come to the Ring app, it was disappointing to see it wasn’t utilised to automatically switch modes, say from Home to Away when leaving the Geofence. Even more frustratingly, it seems to class Home mode as armed, so when leaving the defined area, you don’t get a reminder to set it to Away mode. Then, when you arrive home with it set to Home mode still, it reminds you to disarm which doesn’t make sense.

I appreciate everyones setup is different, but I’d have thought it’s quite common for a lot of people to utilise the Home mode to have cameras inside the house disarmed when you’re home, and things like the doorbell and certain other cameras armed outside the house, as opposed to having everything disarmed for the entire duration when someone’s at home.

Are there any plans to enable reminders when leaving the property when your system is set to Home mode, not just Disarmed mode? A simple way would be to class both Disarmed And Home modes as one Disarmed state, that way when leaving you’d receive a reminder to set it to Away mode, then when returning you’d receive a Disarm reminder, that way leaving you to decide to set it to Home or Disarmed mode.

Secondly, any plans to implement the above automatically, then the app can simply send you a Notification to let you know the mode has been changed, rather than having to do it manually yourself? That would also be a bonus because if I leave my house in my car, my phone connects to CarPlay which suppresses notifications, so in the case of Arm/Disarm reminders, I won’t receive any reminder until I get to my destination and look at my phone!

Those are great points. Very frustrating.

Another point I would make is to solve the Geofence design flaw. My thinking is that the cause is the hardwired nature of the geofence perimeter, which is set at a radius of a couple hundred yard/meters. But that distance out is just where most people’s smartphones are transitioning from home wifi to LTE data service. So the Ring app lacks reliable connectivity just when it should be noticing you’ve left home and remind you to arm your system.

I agree - the reminder is a nice feature but the first step and 10 more to follow. We need to have the automatic switch and that ring considers family usage. This is essential and being done before…

I definitely agree with all of the above. The current geo-location feature is weak and inconsistently functional. We really need the capability to automatically arm/disarm by phone/device location.

At minimum, the capability to integrate that feature through a 3rd party (IFTTT, Smarthings, etc.) would be helpful.

As it is, I forget to turn on motion detection for my cameras about half the times I leave home. That defeats the purpose of having monitoring.

I see you can snooze notifications for 3 hours while in the geofence, is there not an option to turn them off while in the geofence instead of ‘being away’. I’m at home and getting notification that’s there is movement in my kitchen, which I am well aware of as it is me! I also have cats, so I get them through the night too.

Would also like to see the same feature. Geofence is not really effective if you can only snooze for 3 hours. In addition if you don’t leave the geofence turns off the notices for 3 hours but after that, you have to leave to re-snooze the cameras or snooze them individually. Why can’t we have the selected cameras off for an indefinite amount of time. If I’m home for 3 days I shouldn’t have to keep snoozing cameras individually every 4 hours. And I know I can turn off the notifications but that’s crazy to do on multiple cameras and them have to turn them back on? The Geofence feature is useless for the camera’s, who comes home but only stays there for 3 hours?

Hi team

Having waited over two years for Geofencing, what a disappointment !..

Was hoping you would give us the option of arm and disarm of the alarm given proximity …

What did you give us a reminder to arm wow, how useless, do you have any plans to provide an option to arm (with option to disarm) ?

I would really like to have the ability to activate & deactivate a camera based on my location.

So, when I leave home, the camera activates.

When I arrive home, the camera deactivates.