Geofencing. Why? Just tell us why?

Why can’t I set my system to arm based on location? Every other system does. I just don’t understand why you have chosen not to include a basic feature that should so obviously be included and could so easily be included. Geofencing with only a “reminder” is totally pointless and useless. When does the reminder remind me? While I’m in my car, driving away from my house. No, I’m not going to dig my phone out of my pocket while I’m driving. No, I’m not going to use my phone to open the app and arm my system while I’m driving. Do you people even use your own product? Why can you not at least give a good explanation of why you haven’t done this?

Hi @Hermtownhomy. This just isn’t the way Ring Geofencing works. You can learn more about the Geofence feature here. If you want the Geofence feature to behave differently, you can add interest to this Feature Request here. Typically, when I’m leaving or entering my home, I have Alexa Arm my Ring Alarm for me. Try it and let me know how it works for you. Thank you for your feedback, neighbor!