Geofence automatically set Home/Away mode

Currently the Geofence feature only snooze and alerts me to set a mode. It doesn’t set the mode for me automatically. I would like it to automatically detects that I’m leaving my house and sets the Away mode and automatically sets the Home mode when I arrive home.

Exactly. This automation should have been introduced long time ago. I have the Honeywell smart thermostat the change operation mode according to the Geofence location. Ring also should do the same for the Home/Away automatic switching based on the Geofence input

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At this moment it is only possible to get a reminder to arm/disarm your devices, however it would be nice if it would be possible to automatically select the home/away mode when using geofencing.

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This would be a good fix for the goefence only snoozing the cameras for 3 hours. It would be much simpler to select away, then home again to snooze the selected cameras for another 3 hours.

Hi, the geofence feature looks great and snoozes the cameras when you return but rather that just a reminder when you leave could we have the option of automatically ‘arming’ the cameras when you leave. That would seem a very sensible option to me.

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I would love to see this for the alarm, automatically set home to away or home depending on your setting, this way we have peace of mind even if we forgot to arm the system will do so automatically

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This makes the cameras work as a proper alarm system while the interim putting a few cameras snooze looks like an interim work-around…

I have some ring stuff on the outside of my home but another camera provider inside that does auto arm/disarm.

The lack of this feature is literally the only thing stopping from buying ring indoor cameras.

Please add!

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Is there a way to automate arm/disarm Ring alarm based on geofencing like Abode system?

Automation would be like:

  1. when first phone enters geofence disarm ring system.
  2. when last phone leaves geofence arm the ring system.

Can we use Alexa or another service to have this automation?


I would also like this feature, rather than the Geofence sending us reminders to turn cameras on and off it would be nice if we have the option to turn cameras on and off automatically with the Geofence.
I had this option on an older camera system and it was very useful.

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This would be a very useful feature. It is hard to remember to Arm Ring alarm when you leave home.

Ooma security has this feature. When both (spouse and I) are outside the perimeter the security system would arm and when we enter the perimeter it would disarm automatically.

Yes this worked on my Smartthings system which I switched to Ring From due to issues with sensors and cameras.

It also worked in the basis of multiple people living in the same house

Eg if one person left the geo it wouldn’t auto arm, until the second (or last person) left the geo.

Pretty standard stuff if you are going to implement a geofence in the first place! So I thought.

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I would like this too. Snoozing notifications for 3 hours does not help – I don’t want to receive notifications as long as I am home.

Definitely want this. I have it with Ooma Home Security and consider it the only acceptable way to do this. Ring should switch mode to Away when I leave and Home or Disarm when I return.

While you are at it, allow me to schedule mode changes AND let me define a Night mode to go along with this.

There is a geofence function, but it doesn’t actually change the system into away mode. WHY! This is something that everyonae wants. This is something that is done by most other alarm systems. Why won’t you people just make it happen? Why won’t you at least tell us why you won’t. Tell us why! What’s the point of this forum if you don’t listen to your customers. What’s the point of this forum if you won’t implement the most basic functions that are being asked for and are already, for the most part, in place. Just make the software change. It’s not hard. Talk to us!

No, not “everyone.” Only 24 votes is hardly a large amount. Get into the multiple hundreds and Ring devs might take notice.
Ring Devs don’t have the time to answer all the questions and never do. It’s just us fellow users here. Ring “listens” to customers via the votes here but they don’t respond.
No feature is “basic” to implement. There’s a lot of work and testing that has to be done, so thinking that Ring Devs can just snap their fingers and the features you want to magically appear is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

Good luck

I would like to have the option for Geofencing to automatically arm/disarm my phone.