Gen 2 Chime - preview is different to actual tone

Hi guys, after some help or if this is a known bug

Live chat currently closed so seeing if anyone has answers before I get on to them tomorrow

I have a Gen 2 Chime, and Gen 2 Chime Pro. Just installed the normal chime today. Firmware is up to date on both, App is up to date on Android

I selected Westminster on both, the preview plays through my phone first, then when Testing on Chime, the sound from the normal chime is completely different to the preview. The sound from the Chime Pro is identical to the preview.

Apologies for the dog going nuts at the end, he knows the Chime tone too well hah


So just to update this, tried every tone.

Every tone plays correctly except Westminster and Westminster Soft. Both of these play a faster tempo than the preview played through my phone, and different to that of the Chime Pro

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Hi @JOSEF. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve notified the appropriate team and will update you once I have more information.

Thank you, I’ve got an escalated support request via Email ongoing as well with a different video that was requested

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Hey @JOSEF. Great news to hear. Feel free to come back to the Ring Community with the results of your support team interaction. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t suppose you have an update at all yourself for me? Not heard anything back from my email yet. Thanks

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Hi @JOSEF. I have not heard any new information regarding this. I would suggest following up with the support team on your open support ticket to see when this concern might be corrected.

Been told this will be fixed in the next firmware update but there isn’t any way to tell when that happens.