ge z-wave outlet to share

Looking for information about setting up a ge z-wave plus in wall outlet and sharing control with someone else with the ring app and no ring alarm.

Hey @vlepouce. In order to set up a Works With Ring z-wave device like this wall outlet, you will need the Ring Alarm system as the device will connect to the Base Station via z-wave. You can read more about Works With Ring in our Help Center Article here. If you don’t have the Ring Alarm system set up in your Ring App, then you will not be able to add a Works With Ring z-wave device.

Once set up in ring app with ring alarm, am I able to share it like a camera so other people can control the outlet?

@vlepouce Yes, as anyone who is a Shared User for the Alarm Base Station will have access to any of the Works with Ring devices that are connected to the Base Station. :slight_smile: