GE Switch Status not changing on manual toggle

I moved nine GE (Jasco) Toggle/Dimmer switches to Ring Alarm. The pairing works great, and Alexa routines really help with timers, etc. I have one nagging problem. When I use Ring (or Alexa) to operate the switches, the status indicator changes to on/off always. However, when I manually operate the switches, the status on the Ring app is a hit-or-miss. This is irritating given that I am never sure if lights are on or off when remote. I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this issue and if there are any suggestions. If not I will have to revert back to the Vera Smarthub that I have been using all these years.

Hi @JSap. Thanks so much for letting us know of this. I’ve passed on this information to the appropriate team, but was asked if we could try uninstalling your Ring app, rebooting your device it is on (turn it off/on), and then reinstall the app. With the fresh install of your app, monitor the switches to see if they register properly in the app when you are manually using the switches.

If you continue to experience this concern, it was recommended to reach out to our support team here to report on this further. Calling in and providing the information to our support team will ensure that we can escalate this up to see if we can resolve this for you if it persists after the fresh download. Hope this helps! :smiley_cat:

Chelsea: Thanks for the suggestion. I did a clean install and reset the switches to factory settings and added them back. That did not work so I searched a bit more online and found some references to the hub polling the switches vs. switches sending status change to the hub.

  1. Is the Ring Alarm base station ‘polling’ the Z-Wave devices every so often to check state or does it wait for the switch to notify the base station when state changes?

  2. It is likely that pre-2016 switches from GE may not send state change info back to base station (due to a Luton patent infringement issue) so my old hub polled switches. If Ring Base Station does not do polling then the only solution would be to replace the switches to ensure that manual state change is to be recorded

Welcome any comments on this.

@JSap Thanks for giving that a try and I apologize that it is still not reporting when manually done. After further research with the proper team, I was informed that we don’t report switches if they are done manually yet. This is something we are working to achieve, but the current switches that we have that connect to the Ring Alarm Base Station are not supported for this feature at this time.

I wanted to pass on this information to you, and in the future if we are able to support this integration, I will make sure to update you in this thread accordingly. In the meanwhile, I recommend, as you said, to keep track of when the manual switch is done, and to adjust it accordingly in your app as needed. :smiley_cat:

14 months later - any updates on this? Is this still an issue?