GE in-wall toggle switch - can it be set on timer?

I have a number of light switches around the house that control various outdoor lights. I’d like them to be put on a timer, and was wonderig if the GE in-wall toggle switch supports on/off scheduling? That way i could have them come on automatically when it gets dark adn turn off sometime later. I don’t think it can based on the limited information in the product descriptions, but maybe im wrong?

Hi @ dprusso13. Through the Ring app, you will have the ability to turn the light switches on/off, but not schedule. If you would like to schedule the light switches, you can accomplish this through Amazon Alexa if you have all your Ring devices linked to that. You can learn more about routines for your devices in our Ring Help Center Article here.

If I have the light switch connected to ring, it’s still able to be connected to Amazon for a routine as well?

@PremierPOWER Yes! Once you add it to your Ring Alarm system, you will need to make sure you have Ring skill added in the Amazon Alexa app. You will see your Ring Alarm connected to the Amazon Alexa app, and then all of the devices that fall under the Alarm like the Contact Sensors, Motion Detector, etc. This will include the light switches and whatever name you have given them in your app. From there, you can play around and create routines for the to be turned on and off.

For example, I have a family member that is big into her smart home. She has Alexa, and she has a routine called “Alexa, I’m home.” All of the actions scheduled under this include “Turn on __ lights and play __ playlist.” It does take some research to learn more about routines and schedules with Alexa, but worth for the comfort of this kind of home automation. If you ever need help with making routines, please feel free to reach out to Amazon Alexa Support!