GDX5 (4 Wire System) with Ring Intercom

This looks like you got pretty close,

Could you do something like this setup:

Generic 4+N
A3. 1
A2. 2
A1. 3
A5. 4
A6. Ext snd +
(App rings, can’t answer, can hear and talk If handset picked up but can’t open - privacy light stays green once unlocked in app. If you click unlock in app again then privacy light goes off)

with a SwitchBot for door release, as this person does here,

I guess you’d also need to disable the hang-up switch as well so that the handset doesn’t need to be lifted.

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Has anyone found a work around i find myself in same situation having purchased the Ring Intercom only to find same problem of not being compatible and unable to replace hand

I’m hoping they put the Ring Intercom back on offer, and I’m going to play around with the approach I asked about above.

In the absence of my own intercom atm, I wonder if anyone has tried,

A3. 1
A2. 2
A1. 3
A5 and A6. 4

Or does that risk breaking something?

The Ring intercom is back on offer. I’m going to have a play and report back.

hi, i recently bought the ring intercom and been testing different ways to connect to my GDX intercom. SO far, no luck. I used cable A and did the following combination:

A-6 into 1 in the intercome (putting this in puts the intercom into privacy mode)
A-3 into 2 in the intercome
A-2 into 3 in the intercome
A-1 into 4 in the intercome

and then

A-1 into 1 in the intercome (putting this in puts the intercom into privacy mode)
A-2 into 2 in the intercome
A-3 into 3 in the intercome
A-6 into 4 in the intercome

I believe the number 1 slot on the intercom is what gives you the option to put into privacy on the actual intercom.

has anyone got any advice on how to get this installed?

Hi, did you manage to get it working?

No, not really. I can’t completely disable the hang-up switch as this stops the intercom from working.

However, I have two switchbots as well. I’m thinking of having two SwitchBots: one that lifts/releases the hang-up switch and one that presses the door release button. To do the first part, I need to build some kind of holder for the SwitchBot/handset to drop back into place after the call. (Essentially mimicking the actions of lifting the handset and releasing the door, rather than trying to mess with the circuit board.)

I heed help with this to

Hi have you found any solution yet ? Or replacement upgrade for this model ? Thanks

I have ordered the ring intercom I have seen many attempt and fail at installing this there is not a single project that has defeated me, hopefully I can get this working for you guys, seems pretty simple to me, ill give you an update on the weekend of the solution hopefully

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Did anyone havbe any luck with this? or how to replace with a ring compat intercom?

I’m not bothered about privacy mode or if there was a soldering hack.

I’m actually hoping to keep it muted as the intercom ringing makes my dog go mad, so if there is a way even for privacy on and it still work I’d be happy