Gates compatible with access controller?

Is there a list of known compatible gate controllers for the access controller pro 2?

I have an old liftmaster that the board has failed and am needing to replace the board or change/upgrade the entire system, so it’s a good time to integrate it. I could go to myq, but I’d rather simply have a ring controller. The information available on access controller is rather limited.

The Ring Access Controller Pro 2 will likely be a great fit! :slight_smile:

Ring Access Controller Pro 2 is a smart access device that works with an existing electrical access control system that can be triggered via relay to grant access through your security gate with the Ring app. You will need to have a gate or door with an electrical relay or Wiegand access system. Check out our Help Center article below for more details.

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Thank you for the response, but is there an answer to my question? Does ring have a list of compatible driveway gate openers?

Yes, I have the same question. The current relay for my gate is integrated into the control system I want to replace. Is there a door latch relay or a list of relays that will work? The latch is 24VDC.

Hi neighbors. We don’t have a list of specific models that are compatible. As mentioned, you’ll need to have a gate or door with an electrical relay or Wiegand access system. You can view the installer instructions for the Access Controller Pro 2 here, which may help you determine if your relay system will be suitable. If you scroll down on the product page, you can also look at the specific power and connectivity information. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:

I think I found a door control board that will work. However, it’s looking for a voltage on the “Open” terminals in order to activate the relay. I’ve determined that the Ring AC 2 connects REL1 to REL2 when it receives the “Open” command. I can run a power supply in series to REL1/REL2, but what are the limits to the voltage/current running through this connection? Thanks!

I look the installation info on the Ring Access Controller Pro 2 but it’s very limited
Where can we get more information?
For instance we have a Topens A8132 gate opener that have a “push button” connection available
Can I use that for the Ring Controller activate my gate? I do have 120V AC and 24V DC power supply and wifi available at the gate
Ring should post some videos showing the connection options for the Ring Access Controller Pro 2