Gate Keypad Needed

The Access Controller Pro integration with a Ring doorbell is a good addition, but to be a “great” addition and allow Ring to compete with other high-end products, Ring needs to also integrate an outdoor “at the gate” keypad into the system, which will also open the gate. We have a fenced property with an electric gate that can be opened through a keypad, phone app, fob etc. While the current configuration has video, it is cumbersome and does not integrate with phone. Several neighbors who also have a gate have integrated a Ring doorbell into their system and we could do this. However, I do not want to always have to pick up my phone to deal with regular visitors such s service vendors (pool, lawn, landscaping, etc.) or teams that use our court for practices. For these groups, I would like to give each of them a unique pin code to open the gate.

Some important features include (1) logging when the pin code was used to access the gate, (2) having the ability to set times/dates (e.g. between 8 am and 5 pm on M-F) when the pin codes will work, and (3) when the pin code is entered, the Ring doorbell takes a picture and files it with the log (see #1).

Another nice feature would be for the Ring Doorbell to also take a picture every time the call button was pushed in addition to the video and log it with a time stamp.

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Great comments. The gate controller should also allow scheduling (eg, open all day, closed all night). Too bad it’s not ready for real world use.