Gate Acess from Liftmaster MyQ

We just installed a Liftmaster dual swing gate commercial gate opener CSW200UL and a Liftmaster CAPXS Smart Video Intercom and access control on our farm. Trying to integrate with our Ring system just to make it easy. The Liftmaster MyQ also charges a small subscription to keep images but that’s not the issue. We just would like to have everything on Ring so not need to keep using two different Apps. One for the gate and Liftmaster Video Intercom and Ring App for our cameras (13 for now) and alarm system. Tried to Chat with Tech support but they said not compatible yet.

Hi @user34856. The myQ integration with the Ring app supports the LiftMaster myQ Smart Garage Control. This does not include other devices, such as a the swing gate commercial gate opener you mentioned. You’re welcome to add this suggestion to our Feature Request board. This helps us to organize and share new ideas and suggestions with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest.

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